Saturday, 22 August 2009

Tafarn Trail

I always thought Tommy Cooper was a great comedian. Now I realise that Martin Cortivried is a comedian too. Cos if he thinks I am going to run up all them hills - hes 'aving a larf.

I checked it on Mapometer - 9.44 miles (measured on the flat so the distance on the ground is a lot more) and probably about 3,400 feet. No wonder people reckoned it was 'ard.

Another great race though. Don't have any results - you'll have to add your own.



  1. BTW - I was 59th in 2.19.


  2. I think Martin has finally woven together the hardest possible combination of climbs in the Clwydians! Felt tougher than the Clwydian hills race. Jez came an excellent 2nd, I was 5th, Huw was well up the field too, John won his category - and Chris and Fenn did really well especially given it was their first attempt at a longer fell race (I think?).
    Simon R

  3. Thanks for the kind comments Simon, Fen and I really enjoyed it, mainly on Sunday afternoon!! Have to say Fen was deservedly chuffed to bits with her performance, especially as both of us were a tad uncertain about tackling a first ''longer one'' as you say.
    Amazing showings from yourself and Jez and just a great supportive atmosphere all round.
    Thought I'd share a tip on the blog that might be useful. To negate that 'stinky boggy' pong associated with wet fell shoes, sprinkle cat litter inside. It works in shooting boots as well!
    Take care p.s. empty your shoes before running and I haven't got a cat so you might need to keep the shoes 'out of the way' if you have!
    Cheers Chris H

  4. The results in full for Buckley Runners. Nice to know we can do it all again next year!!!

    Jez Brown 2 86.37
    Simon Roberts 5 91.23
    Huw Lewis 15 100.37
    John Morris 20 106.21
    Chris Higgins 34 113.57
    Fenella Higgins 52 129.12
    Robert Mackey 59 139.54