Sunday, 26 July 2009

Buckley Runners of FaceBook

Did you know there is a Buckley Runners group on Facebook. To join just search for "Buckley Runners", or look for it on my page.

The Green Green Grass of home.

The Green Green Grass of home. (Wednesday 22nd July from The Golden Lion at Llangynhafal)
The last of Martin’s summer series was a pleasant surprise. Martin likes to change the route every year, usually managing to make it slightly harder than before. Last year this race was a real tough one, with three big climbs, the last of which you needed ladder to get up. This year because of bracken control by helicopter large parts of the mountain were not accessible so we enjoyed a shortened version. It did include the famous gully but changes to the route meant we started part-way up at bottom of the gravel section instead of the long approach to it up the valley. Then there was a final climb to the summit of Moel Famau followed by a long fast descent to the ford, a short climb through the bracken and another fast run down to the finish.
Club numbers were a bit down on previous event, but several were marshalling, giving encouragement to everybody, in their own inimitable style!
There were seven Buckley Runners in the race. Jez Brown was a remarkable 4th in 32.06. Truly remarkable after his superb run at Snowdon 4 days earlier. Simon Edwards was an excellent 8th in 34.01, James Pickering 18th in 36.04. First vet home was Dave Boothroyd 27th 36.40. Sam Roberts was 66th in 45.23, Robert Mackey was 70th in 46.15, closely followed by Fenella Higgins in 72nd place in 46.41
Paul Stinton and Sue Ridings were at the event running in Clwydian colours.
And afterwards in true fell running fashion we all went to the pub. An altogether enjoyable evening.
Posted by Rob.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Snowdon Race

Paul Donoghue summed it up well at the end with "What a crazy race !"

Jez Brown led the Buckley team home finishing in 37th place overall, 9th in the MOPEN category, in a time of 1:21:03; he was followed in by:
Dave Boothroyd, 104th overall, in a time of 1:33:11
Huw Lewis, 145th overall, 10th in the M50 category, in 1:37:53
Shaun Hooson, 165th overall, in a time of 1:39:23
Pete Roberts, 182nd overall, 3rd in the M60 category, in 1:41:18
Paul Stinton, 184th overall, in a time of 1:41:20
John Morris, 198th overall, 4th in the M60 category, in 1:42:57
Dawn Urquhart, 201st overall, 4th in the FOPEN category, in 1:43:06
Paul Donoghue, 221st overall, in a time of 1:45:05 ( & well chuffed ! )
Steve Bellis, 243rd overall, in a time of 1:46:28

A few bumps & scrapes to report, but nothing serious. We hope that Martin Cortvriend & Geoff Richards recover quickly from their falls.

We didn't make it into the lake this year, but Pete's Eats was a more than adequate substitute !.

Photos available on

Monday, 13 July 2009

Moel y Gamelin

Six official, plus one part-time, Buckley Runners, ran across the fells to the west of the Ponderosa cafe, on Sunday 28th June, much to the amazement of the bikers who had stopped there for their mid-day cuppa.

First home in 4th place was Jez Brown, or 'S.Brown' as he appeared in the results, which was probably apt, as he ran like Seb (Coe) that day. Next in 13th place was Dave Boothroyd who appeared to have a drink problem, missing his mouth and pouring the water over his head instead - he complained about the heat, but we know the real reason. Close behind in 15th was Pete Roberts, one place behind the winner of the highly competitive V65 division ( and 22 places ahead of the first V60 ! ).

Then came 'the Goat' in 21st position, 3rd in the V65s, closely followed by Dawn, his apprentice, who came 28th, and 3rd lady home. Struggling home in her wake was Paul Donoghue, in 31st place, complaining about being led astray and having to climb fences to get back on route ( if only he'd carried a map ! ). Next was an under-cover Paul Stinton, running for Clwydian Range Runners, his summer fell running club, and Jack Thomas was 55th, and 4th in that amazing V65 category.

Well done to all who ran, it was an amazingly hot day, and as Pete Roberts pointed out, we even had to run extra to get to the water station.

Good luck to everyone doing Snowdon on Saturday.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Deestriders Off-Road Race 2

Nine Buckley Runners turned up on Thursday 8th July for the second round of the Deestriders Off-Road Series. A warm evening produced some good results but a few of the club members were struggling for form. All had good excuses lined up so it was OK.

Jez Brown was first home in 8th place with a very good time of 28:23. Maybe not the 2nd place he had enjoyed on Tuesday but there were some very quick runners there. (his excuse!!!!)
29th was Paul Stinton in 32:24 with Paul Donoghue one place behind him in 32:35. Steve Bellis was not up to his usual sparkling form in 47th in 34:42. Mike Jones was 50th in 34:53. Rob Davies had a good run finishing 64th in 36:48 with Gwyn Morgan surprisingly behind him in 67th in 37:08 (early mornings and not feeling well – acceptable!!). Good run from Margaret Ludden 75th in 38:49. Rob Mackey had a slower run than last time finishing 80th in 39:35. As Clint Eastwood said “there must be 100 reasons......... but right now I can’t think of one of them."

Congratulations to you all, either for running well or for having a good reason. See you all on 6th August. Rob

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Saunders Lakeland mountain marathon

Chris and Fenella Higgins made an impressive debut to their mountain marathon careers (which I trust will be long and fruitful) at this event in Coniston last weekend, coming 69th in the Wansfell class in a cumulative time of 9:43:43. Simon Roberts, with partner Stef French, was also there, finishing 26th in the Bowfell class (cumulative time of 12:27:50). Both pairs made errors, Chris succumbing to excitement at the start of day one and Simon making a disastrous route choice to the fifth control on day two. An excellent weekend, though, with a great overnight camp in the delightful Duddon valley (beer and cider for sale, it's definitely the most civilised of the mountain marathons - just in case anybody fancies a go next year).

Hotfoot up Famau

Results now in for this mini-beast of a race, which packs a great deal of physical torment into 3.5 miles. No respite throughout, a ferociously fast initial descent leads to the steep climb up Moel y Gaer followed by a route change - with Martin replicating the long leg from last October's relays, which involves a little ridge followed by a steep descent through waist high bracken to Nant y Ne. Three Buckley runners in the top 10. Jez Brown inched ever closer to his first win with an impressive 3rd place in 37.47, followed by a back-in-form Simon Edwards, 5th in 39.38. Simon Roberts came 8th in 40.57, with Jon Bradshaw (really enjoying his debut in the hills) 14th in 43.01. Dave Boothroyd came 19th in 45.03, Steve Bellis 28th in 46.14, John Morris winning his category coming 30th in 46.31, Paul Stinton 31st in 46.47, Samantha Roberts (another debut?) 57th in 52.58 and Rob Mackey 74th in 60.25. Predictably hot and humid this year, well done all round.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

The Blog

There is lots of info on the blog. And I know people read it. But it is a two-way thing and is even more interesting if you join in. It would be really good if you could put comments on it when you read it.

If anyone is not sure how to log in please contact Simon or myself or Fenn.


The Beast!

On Tuesday 7th July John Morris organised the running of "the beast." Turnout from Buckley for this short but challenging event was excellent. With the start and finsih at The Miners in Maeshafn it is a great event.

Jez Brown was 2nd overall in 29.22,
Simon Roberts was 6th in 29.30
Simon Edwards was 9th in 30.07

That is a good start - 3 in top ten!

Dave Boothroyd 16th in 32.21
James Pickering 18th in 32.45
Steve Bellis 22nd in 33.07
Paul Donohue 331st in 36.18
Fenn and Chris Higgins in 38th and 39th in 39.11 and 39.12
Fenn was second lady overall and first senior lady (bottle of wine)
Rob Mackey 42nd in 41.57 (2nd M60 = bottle of wine)
Sue Ridings 43 in 43.20 (3rd lady = bottle of wine)

A good night out for the club. Well done John for organising such a good event. Thanks to Huw, Rup for helping. It was really good to see Hazel and Dawn there too.

Did we tame the beast? Not sure about that. We will have to try again next year to make sure.

Posted by Rob

Border Legue Dates

At the Border League AGM last night (Monday 8th June) the following dates and venues where agreed for the 2009 – 2010 season.

18th October - Helsby or Chester Tri
15th November – Wallasy
3rd January – Tattenhall
14th February – Abergele
14th March – Wrexham Tri
11th April – Prestatyn
28th April – Deestriders (Wed Evening)

Friday, 3 July 2009

Buckley Runners Annual Awards 2009

Borders League Men
1st John Bradshaw, 271 Points
2nd Jez Brown, 266 Points
3rd Shaun Hooson, 246 Points
4th Les Coathup, 240 Points
5th David Boothroyd, 231 Points
6th Simon Roberts, 220 Points
7th Paul Stinton, 201 Points
8th Clive West, 199 Points
9th John Morris, 183 Points
10th Simon Edwards, 172 Points

Borders League Ladies

1st Erika Schmid, 140 Points
2nd Dawn Urquhart, 131 Points
3rd Jane Lindley, 110 Points
4th Hazel Dirksen, 99 Points

Cross Country Men

1st Clive West 80 Points
2nd Les Coathup 75 Points
3rd Rob Mackey 71 Points
4th John Morris 60 Points
5th Steve Bellis 54 Points
6th Huw Lewis 49 Points

Cross Country Ladies

1st Erika Schmidt 75 Points
2nd Dawn Urquhart 55 Points
3rd Hazel Dirksen 50 Points
4th Sue Ridings 35 Points

Club Championship

1st Steve Bellis 170 Points 1st Male
2nd John Morris 164 Points 2nd Male
3rd Rob Mackey 159 Points 3rd Male
4th Dawn Urquart 144 Points 1st Male
5th Jez Brown 131 Points 4th Female
6th Sue Ridings 126 Points 2nd Female
7th Margaret Ludden 124 Points 3rd Female
8th Dave Boothroyd 121 Points 5th Male
9th Paul Stinton 120 Points 6th Male
10th = Paul Donohue and Clive West 118 Points 7th= Male

Posted by Rob

Buckley Runners Presentation 2nd July 2009

The presentation night at the Griffin was a great success. It was well attended, although we were aware that several people couldn’t get there because of other commitments. The venue was great and the food was absolutely splendid, and it is always impressive to see how well runners eat.
After eating, Rob as chairman said a few words! He thanked everybody who has contributed so much to the club this year; Les for coaching, Jane for being BL Organisers, John for organising the Club Championship and all the runners for turning out and representing the club. He thanked John for his work as chair in the last year. He also thanked the landlord and staff at The Griffin (big applause) and Dragon Trophies who supply the awards for the club. A big thank you went to James for organising the evening.
Rob noted that not long ago it was seen as a really good if a Buckley Runner won a prize, or an award in the league, and it was a massive event when somebody was called to represent North Wales. Now we need a wheelbarrow for the trophies and it is normal for Buckley Runners to be seen in North Wales and Welsh (and even GB) vests. It is no less an achievement, but it happens more often. It has been a great season with consistent results and some rising stars being successful in a range of events. The sad note (Ahhh! No, its sadder than that. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!) the men got relegated to Division Two in the Cross country. Why? Because we didn’t turn out in numbers. But the good thing is we have some really good off-road runners, so we have a very good chance of getting back to Division One (nods of approval from around the room)
Jane, Rob and John presented the prizes for the Borders League, the Cross Country and the Club Championships. As usual some interesting results appeared. The prizes go to the runners who are turning out on a regular basis, Steve Bellis, Erika Schmid, John Bradshaw, Dawn Urquart and Clive all coming out as winners. Full results on separate blog
After the running awards, James presented the Members Award. A lot of heart-searching went into it. So many nominations and so many good reasons. Amongst others Steve, Erika, Simon Roberts, Dawn, Les, Jez all got nominated for their achievements. Paul Stinton got very close; his contribution to the club by supporting and helping out at events is huge, as well as running in so many races. The winner was John Morris for his overall contribution to the club, the races he does and the encouragement he gives to others. And for longevity. Congratulations John. You deserve it.
Thanks Everybody.

Posted by Rob