Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Saunders Lakeland mountain marathon

Chris and Fenella Higgins made an impressive debut to their mountain marathon careers (which I trust will be long and fruitful) at this event in Coniston last weekend, coming 69th in the Wansfell class in a cumulative time of 9:43:43. Simon Roberts, with partner Stef French, was also there, finishing 26th in the Bowfell class (cumulative time of 12:27:50). Both pairs made errors, Chris succumbing to excitement at the start of day one and Simon making a disastrous route choice to the fifth control on day two. An excellent weekend, though, with a great overnight camp in the delightful Duddon valley (beer and cider for sale, it's definitely the most civilised of the mountain marathons - just in case anybody fancies a go next year).


  1. I like the idea of the cider and beer, but not too sure about the rest of it. Well done all of you.

  2. It was a really enjoyable weekend, with lots of fantastic views and fresh air. We both really enjoyed it and will definitely be entering again next year. Thanks Simon, for all of your top tips and your encouragement, we both really appreciate it.

  3. Chris Higgins says: yep got carried away at the start the event but much improved by end day one. Last run in to the over night camp, relied on my superior navigation skills, not back bearings, not transits not even contouring, oh no, the massive line of sky blue porta loos gave me the clue to bring us safely home!
    Many thanks for your advise and encouragement Simon.
    Path finder Higgins

  4. You'll notice I didn't go into details about my route planning error on day two. I'll be reliving it for several months to come! Porta loos are definitely the best navigation tool of all. Simon