Tuesday, 7 July 2009

The Beast!

On Tuesday 7th July John Morris organised the running of "the beast." Turnout from Buckley for this short but challenging event was excellent. With the start and finsih at The Miners in Maeshafn it is a great event.

Jez Brown was 2nd overall in 29.22,
Simon Roberts was 6th in 29.30
Simon Edwards was 9th in 30.07

That is a good start - 3 in top ten!

Dave Boothroyd 16th in 32.21
James Pickering 18th in 32.45
Steve Bellis 22nd in 33.07
Paul Donohue 331st in 36.18
Fenn and Chris Higgins in 38th and 39th in 39.11 and 39.12
Fenn was second lady overall and first senior lady (bottle of wine)
Rob Mackey 42nd in 41.57 (2nd M60 = bottle of wine)
Sue Ridings 43 in 43.20 (3rd lady = bottle of wine)

A good night out for the club. Well done John for organising such a good event. Thanks to Huw, Rup for helping. It was really good to see Hazel and Dawn there too.

Did we tame the beast? Not sure about that. We will have to try again next year to make sure.

Posted by Rob


  1. Jez moves ever closer. 3rd last week, 2nd this week. Well done Jez.


  2. Wow Rob, that's really impressive getting the results up so quick. In fact, I see from the time on the blog you posted them before the race even started !!

    Can you tell me what time I'm going to do for the Snowdown race then I can decide whether to do it or not ??!

    & if you've got any tips for next year's Grand National ...


  3. Dave, I've got a tip for the Grand National, wear those studded boots and stand well off those big fences!!
    Thanks John we both really enjoyed the night.

  4. Hi Dave,
    That comment was off Chris - He uses my computer without asking!! Would not be so bad but he can't figure out how to get on the blog without using my login ! Any weird comment from me - I'm blaming him !

  5. Thanks John for an excellent race. Thanks also to the marshalls. Due to an abundance of red tape (and a trial run last week) I manged to complete the race this year.

  6. Rob was indeed amazingly quick with the results, but unless there was some kind of time-warp I must have been more than 8 seconds behind Jez! Simon R

  7. oops! typing error strikes again. Jez should have been 28.22. Sorry.

  8. BTW. If I could predict outcomes I would have retired years ago. Rest assured there would never be a roll-over on the lottery.

  9. Good pix on the WFRA website - even if they look as if we were running in the dark.

  10. What a great well organised race by John and helpers - one of the few fell races where I haven't worried too much about getting lost !
    Always the bridesmaid, never the winner, ah well, nothing left to go for if I ever win a race !