Sunday, 19 July 2009

Snowdon Race

Paul Donoghue summed it up well at the end with "What a crazy race !"

Jez Brown led the Buckley team home finishing in 37th place overall, 9th in the MOPEN category, in a time of 1:21:03; he was followed in by:
Dave Boothroyd, 104th overall, in a time of 1:33:11
Huw Lewis, 145th overall, 10th in the M50 category, in 1:37:53
Shaun Hooson, 165th overall, in a time of 1:39:23
Pete Roberts, 182nd overall, 3rd in the M60 category, in 1:41:18
Paul Stinton, 184th overall, in a time of 1:41:20
John Morris, 198th overall, 4th in the M60 category, in 1:42:57
Dawn Urquhart, 201st overall, 4th in the FOPEN category, in 1:43:06
Paul Donoghue, 221st overall, in a time of 1:45:05 ( & well chuffed ! )
Steve Bellis, 243rd overall, in a time of 1:46:28

A few bumps & scrapes to report, but nothing serious. We hope that Martin Cortvriend & Geoff Richards recover quickly from their falls.

We didn't make it into the lake this year, but Pete's Eats was a more than adequate substitute !.

Photos available on


  1. Well done everyone, great photos on website

  2. well done all of you. I'd rather admire the photos than join in.

    See you on Wednesday.