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Buckley Runners Presentation 2nd July 2009

The presentation night at the Griffin was a great success. It was well attended, although we were aware that several people couldn’t get there because of other commitments. The venue was great and the food was absolutely splendid, and it is always impressive to see how well runners eat.
After eating, Rob as chairman said a few words! He thanked everybody who has contributed so much to the club this year; Les for coaching, Jane for being BL Organisers, John for organising the Club Championship and all the runners for turning out and representing the club. He thanked John for his work as chair in the last year. He also thanked the landlord and staff at The Griffin (big applause) and Dragon Trophies who supply the awards for the club. A big thank you went to James for organising the evening.
Rob noted that not long ago it was seen as a really good if a Buckley Runner won a prize, or an award in the league, and it was a massive event when somebody was called to represent North Wales. Now we need a wheelbarrow for the trophies and it is normal for Buckley Runners to be seen in North Wales and Welsh (and even GB) vests. It is no less an achievement, but it happens more often. It has been a great season with consistent results and some rising stars being successful in a range of events. The sad note (Ahhh! No, its sadder than that. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!) the men got relegated to Division Two in the Cross country. Why? Because we didn’t turn out in numbers. But the good thing is we have some really good off-road runners, so we have a very good chance of getting back to Division One (nods of approval from around the room)
Jane, Rob and John presented the prizes for the Borders League, the Cross Country and the Club Championships. As usual some interesting results appeared. The prizes go to the runners who are turning out on a regular basis, Steve Bellis, Erika Schmid, John Bradshaw, Dawn Urquart and Clive all coming out as winners. Full results on separate blog
After the running awards, James presented the Members Award. A lot of heart-searching went into it. So many nominations and so many good reasons. Amongst others Steve, Erika, Simon Roberts, Dawn, Les, Jez all got nominated for their achievements. Paul Stinton got very close; his contribution to the club by supporting and helping out at events is huge, as well as running in so many races. The winner was John Morris for his overall contribution to the club, the races he does and the encouragement he gives to others. And for longevity. Congratulations John. You deserve it.
Thanks Everybody.

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