Monday, 29 August 2011

Ras Beca

John and Simon R made the long trip down to the Preseli Hills in Pembrokeshire for this long-established race, which is particularly well suited to amphibians and other aquatic creatures. Neither runner felt particularly well suited to the course, which involves getting almost completely submerged in a neck-deep bog after an initial 400 metre sprint, but both are chasing the WFRA championships this year (and this was a counter). Only a short section of real hill running along the main Preseli ridge followed the bog and tussocks. Unusual injuries were sustained (including a bruised armpit for Simon R) giving some indication of the nature of the course and the number of headlong falls. A cracking event, though, which celebrates the Rebecca Riots (transvestite unrest which was big in these parts a couple of centuries ago). Always attracts well over 100 runners despite being held in a bog in the middle of nowhere.
10. Simon R (41.02)
59. John (49.33)

Monday, 22 August 2011

Race the Train (Twywn 20th August)

Race the Train, oneof the classics of the running year and the second club championship event on the same day as the Llety was wet.

After a fairly dry week the course should have been drying out, but steady rain all day meant that by the time the 14-mile race started at 2.05 it was very slippery underfoot. The narrow tracks were typically treacherous, especially to anyone running in road shoes (there were many) but some of the grassy fields seemed almost worse. A lot of runners were seen to be lying down and there was some very wet and dirty kit at the end. Apart from that running conditions were good but you have to admire the marshalls who sit for hours on exposed hillsides, after a long walk to get there and remain cheerful throughout, cheering and clapping and encouraging every runner. They deserve the medals!

Six Buckley Runners ran. Once again we camped at Ynysymaengwyn Campsite with friends and family, augmented by a group from the Columendy Arms (Richie, Rob, Maxine, Ray et al). A splendid party afer a splendid race, a great weekend

Paul Stinton beat the train easily in 107th place in 1.42. Paul D has another excellent run (244th in 1.53). Jane says she was struggling and suffered afterwards but still did a very good run in 2.12 (559th). Margaret found out how tough it is but did very well finishing in 2.25 in 727th place. Rob got round in 2.33 in 783rd place.

But the real story is Mike Jones. He was 185th in 1.48.02 (on the gun). The train did 1.47.58! The runner in 183rd beat the train and Mike's chip time was 1.47.59. It doesn't get any closer than that. They give a prize to the first person not to beat the train (i.e 184th) and he missed that too although he had the same time as him.

4 seconds, Mike. That calls for a re-match. So we will have to go back again next year. The campsite is booked.


Sunday, 21 August 2011

Lletty fell race

Cooler weather than last year, when this race was part of the Inter Counties championship and so attracted an elite field. Surely the toughest fell race in NE Wales though, with a vertical (seemingly) mile of climbing as an immediate aperitif, followed by the tasty morsel of Moel Arthur then the main course of Moel Famau. The climb from Martin's house back on to the ridge is a slightly unnecessary pudding, with most runners quite full by this point. Outstanding performances again by the blisteringly in-form Jez and John, who are both sweeping all before them this year, and prizes for all three boys in blue.
1. Jez 81.29 (1st!)
3. Simon R 85.57 (1st v40)
20. John 105.55 (1st v60)

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Gladstone 9 14th August 2011

A change in course and I understand organising team for this years running of what seemed to be a popular race attracting a broad spectrum of runners both in experience and ''distance travelled''. Clubs like Mercia, Horwich, Wilmslow and of course Buckley were represented as well as a good number of unattached colleagues. Buckley even had their own fans at various points round the course, Fenella made best with her 'wounded knee' to the first climb while and Dave B was so far in the course he should have done the race. Thanks for the encouragement peeps.

Not sure if the pub where registration was centred or the politician, Chancellor and Prime Minister, W.E.Gladders gave rise to the race's name but suspect it may have been the pub. This said as despite the excellent efforts of marshalls, the use of tape marking was not the most 'liberal'. Yes I got lost, twice just in case the first time was an accident as did a number of runners some who would normally be found well at the front of the field.

Moaning over, to be honest I doubt if I had had the perfect line my position would have been much different.
Loads didn't get lost amongst them and making brilliant showings in a large field our Buckley colleagues in order of finishing,
Simon E 3rd m40 in 1.22. 24 and 7th overall
John M. 2nd m60 in 1.36.24
Paul D. in 1.46. 47
Chris H in 2 days, in 1.57. 40

Fantastic weather and as always good, often high spirits, brought the day to a lovely close.
Chris Pathfinder H