Thursday, 18 August 2011

Gladstone 9 14th August 2011

A change in course and I understand organising team for this years running of what seemed to be a popular race attracting a broad spectrum of runners both in experience and ''distance travelled''. Clubs like Mercia, Horwich, Wilmslow and of course Buckley were represented as well as a good number of unattached colleagues. Buckley even had their own fans at various points round the course, Fenella made best with her 'wounded knee' to the first climb while and Dave B was so far in the course he should have done the race. Thanks for the encouragement peeps.

Not sure if the pub where registration was centred or the politician, Chancellor and Prime Minister, W.E.Gladders gave rise to the race's name but suspect it may have been the pub. This said as despite the excellent efforts of marshalls, the use of tape marking was not the most 'liberal'. Yes I got lost, twice just in case the first time was an accident as did a number of runners some who would normally be found well at the front of the field.

Moaning over, to be honest I doubt if I had had the perfect line my position would have been much different.
Loads didn't get lost amongst them and making brilliant showings in a large field our Buckley colleagues in order of finishing,
Simon E 3rd m40 in 1.22. 24 and 7th overall
John M. 2nd m60 in 1.36.24
Paul D. in 1.46. 47
Chris H in 2 days, in 1.57. 40

Fantastic weather and as always good, often high spirits, brought the day to a lovely close.
Chris Pathfinder H

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  1. It's a long story as to why I ended up watching rather than running so I won't bore you with it, but it did mean I could watch a great race. I can see how Jez went the wrong way the other year as there aren't many markers along the way ! Early on I found the last runner going in a different direction to all the other runners - when I pointed this out she said that all the others must have gone the wrong way !!

    Anyway, can't feel smug as I decided to follow Paul in to the finish, and we were so busy nattering that we followed Martin Cortvriend the wrong way & ended up wading through bracken trying to find our way back to the route. This lost 10 mins which rather spoilt Paul's blinding run. I guess that's fell running for you though