Monday, 29 August 2011

Ras Beca

John and Simon R made the long trip down to the Preseli Hills in Pembrokeshire for this long-established race, which is particularly well suited to amphibians and other aquatic creatures. Neither runner felt particularly well suited to the course, which involves getting almost completely submerged in a neck-deep bog after an initial 400 metre sprint, but both are chasing the WFRA championships this year (and this was a counter). Only a short section of real hill running along the main Preseli ridge followed the bog and tussocks. Unusual injuries were sustained (including a bruised armpit for Simon R) giving some indication of the nature of the course and the number of headlong falls. A cracking event, though, which celebrates the Rebecca Riots (transvestite unrest which was big in these parts a couple of centuries ago). Always attracts well over 100 runners despite being held in a bog in the middle of nowhere.
10. Simon R (41.02)
59. John (49.33)

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