Monday, 22 August 2011

Race the Train (Twywn 20th August)

Race the Train, oneof the classics of the running year and the second club championship event on the same day as the Llety was wet.

After a fairly dry week the course should have been drying out, but steady rain all day meant that by the time the 14-mile race started at 2.05 it was very slippery underfoot. The narrow tracks were typically treacherous, especially to anyone running in road shoes (there were many) but some of the grassy fields seemed almost worse. A lot of runners were seen to be lying down and there was some very wet and dirty kit at the end. Apart from that running conditions were good but you have to admire the marshalls who sit for hours on exposed hillsides, after a long walk to get there and remain cheerful throughout, cheering and clapping and encouraging every runner. They deserve the medals!

Six Buckley Runners ran. Once again we camped at Ynysymaengwyn Campsite with friends and family, augmented by a group from the Columendy Arms (Richie, Rob, Maxine, Ray et al). A splendid party afer a splendid race, a great weekend

Paul Stinton beat the train easily in 107th place in 1.42. Paul D has another excellent run (244th in 1.53). Jane says she was struggling and suffered afterwards but still did a very good run in 2.12 (559th). Margaret found out how tough it is but did very well finishing in 2.25 in 727th place. Rob got round in 2.33 in 783rd place.

But the real story is Mike Jones. He was 185th in 1.48.02 (on the gun). The train did 1.47.58! The runner in 183rd beat the train and Mike's chip time was 1.47.59. It doesn't get any closer than that. They give a prize to the first person not to beat the train (i.e 184th) and he missed that too although he had the same time as him.

4 seconds, Mike. That calls for a re-match. So we will have to go back again next year. The campsite is booked.


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