Sunday, 21 August 2011

Lletty fell race

Cooler weather than last year, when this race was part of the Inter Counties championship and so attracted an elite field. Surely the toughest fell race in NE Wales though, with a vertical (seemingly) mile of climbing as an immediate aperitif, followed by the tasty morsel of Moel Arthur then the main course of Moel Famau. The climb from Martin's house back on to the ridge is a slightly unnecessary pudding, with most runners quite full by this point. Outstanding performances again by the blisteringly in-form Jez and John, who are both sweeping all before them this year, and prizes for all three boys in blue.
1. Jez 81.29 (1st!)
3. Simon R 85.57 (1st v40)
20. John 105.55 (1st v60)

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