Monday, 7 December 2009

Helena Tipping 10k

A big field of 335 this year, with conditions much better than forecast - although there was a bit of mud and a slight headwind for the final mile. A good handful of Buckley Runners turned out, with Jez Brown finishing 11th overall and 2nd v35 in 35:47. Simon Roberts was 16th overall and 3rd v35 in 36:13, with Erika 54th overall and 2nd SW in 39:11. Next came Paul Stinton, 68th in 40:22, Michael Jones 132nd in 44:11, Jack Thomas 182nd and 3rd v65 in 47:01, Margaret Ludden 219th in 49:05 and Rob Davies 236th in 50:38. Let me know if I missed anyone (I was recorded twice in the results, so there may have been a few errors!) Simon R.

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  1. Well done everyone. I was out for a plod at about that time & I must admit that I did think that I was glad that I wasn't racing as the conditions weren't very nice - cold, wet and windy. Maybe I should move to the Wrexham Industrial Estate, it obviously has better weather (if not the views) !. Dave.