Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Abergele Border League

Sunday 14th February 2010 - Valentines Day, we all know how to enjoy ourselves!
Loads of Buckley runners turned out to race up the sea front, around a caravan park and back along a sea front. One Marshall shouting out to me with 600 metres to go "it's flat all the way now", great I thought, I might die in a minute!

Jez 28:04 (6th SM)
Simon R. 28:39 (10th SM)
Simon E. 29:36 (17th SM)
Shaun 29:56 (7th V40)
Danny 30:11 (23rd SM)
Erika 30:27 (1st SL)
Dave B. 30:43 (8th V45)
Steve B. 31.14 (7th V50)
Les 31.23 (3rd V55)
Chris W. 32.41 (7th V20M)
James P. 32.54 (37th SM)
Mark P. 33:50 (8th V20M)
Paul D. 34:00 (14th V40)
Chris H. 34:39 (14th V50)
John M. 35:49 (4th V65)
Jane 36:04 (4th LV40)
Dawn 36:21 (3rd LV35)
Marcus 36:30 (25th V45)
Fenella 37:58 (7th LV40)
Jack 38:34 (7th V65)
Margaret 39:02 (11th LV45)
Rob 42:24 (8th V60)

See you all soon


  1. Paul you are so quick I must have missed you sorry.
    Paul 31:28 (29th SM)

  2. It doesn't get much more romantic than Pensarn in light drizzle. Well done everyone.

  3. Well done all, I thought I'd enter a blog -its the first time I've ever done one!
    It is now saturday following the race and my calves are now just about recovered!
    I tried, but, couldn't keep up with Jane in the race, then had the 'worn out from the day before' Dawn, pass me near the end of the race as I, like Rob, died in the last 800m!
    Nice to be back though