Friday, 5 March 2010

Dash in the dark final race

Looks like it is going ahead tonight, Llandegla MTB centre, 6.30pm (dash in the twilight?).



  1. How did you all get on ?

    Did you sweep the prizes again ?


  2. Went very well Dave, swept up behind everybody!
    Hell of a job keeping me candle alight though.
    As you seem to anticipate, Buckley were well represented, both in numbers and awards. Bars of chocolate and or bottles of wine went to,Fenella Higgins, Simon Roberts, Paul Stinton, John Morris. Sorry don't have more detail of positioning but it was dark afetre all. Me and Huge were here as well!!

  3. Hi Dave,

    Good turnout from Buckley again, but only 20 or so runners in total! The Higgins made their long-awaited dash debut, Chris casting envious glances at a chap with a 3000 watt aircraft lamp strapped to his head. I was second but pushed all the way by back-in-form Mr Stinton who finished a couple of secs behind me. Huw 4th, with John several mins quicker than last time. Took the 'diversion' this time - added a minute to the time, so conscience semi-clear! Simon R