Monday, 14 February 2011

West Cheshire Border League 13th Feb 2011

Sprains, pains but still some gains.
Despite some long standing injuries amongst quicker colleague runners, Buckleyites turned out in numbers to give neighbouring clubs a 'run for their subs'. Dave 'Boothers' Boothroyd really pushing himself over the distance which has been an elusive target through his injury.

Fresh from the slopes of Tarren Hendre fell race the day before, John Morris hurtled in to third v65 third position. It was a pleasure to see Jack Thomas return to the road after his back difficulties.

Erica, looking sharper than ever put in a characteristically stoic performance to see her 1st SL and 3rd lady overall. No mean feat in such company and off the back of injury.

Established and newer colleagues were in the reckoning, with some new names making their mark. Well done Andrew and Christian only a second between you!

Results below. Take care.

Matthew Rose 32:22 (7th)
Jez Brown 33:22 (11th)
Eric Campbell 33:50 (3rd V45)
Erika Robinson 36:46 (1st SL - 3rd Lady)
Les Coathup 37:28 (4th V55)
Jeff Gifford 38:03
Dave Boothroyd 38:58
Mike Jones 39:03
Andrew Holden 41:50
Christian Reid 41:51
Marcus Reid 41:56
Chris Higgins 42:12
John Morris 43:50 (3rd V65)
Fenella Higgins 44:27 (4th LV40)
Margaret Ludden 45:36
Leighton Williams 46:45
Jack Thomas 49:32

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