Sunday, 24 July 2011

International Snowdon Race 23.07.2011

Perfect conditions prevailed for competitors and spectators alike for the running of the International Snowdon Mountain Race. As usual a good contingent of Buckley Blue were on the start line, sad to say there was a fair bit of Buckley red along the course, more on this later.

Certainly for me it was fascinating to chat to and be alongside runners who've you've only previously read about in books and magazines. As ever, typically it seems on the 'fell running scene' there is little if any evidence of elitism. I have consequently arranged a 'vest' swap with one England International as 'ours' matches her married name and I liked the colour of hers. Any guesses?

There were some sterling and not least hugely impressive performances from colleague runners.
John Morris won his age catergory in a race that by it's very nature attracted competitors literally from around the globe. Similarly Simon Roberts was an astonishing third in a hugely strong and well represented category. Not surprising as I caught a glimpse of the decent Simon and thought the devil was after you!

Fenella Higgins and Steve Bellis both left their marks on the race, unfortunately in red. None the less both picked themselves up, Fen even stopping to assist my Calder Valley cousin who had also had a crash! I can tell readers there are some very swollen and currently none cooperative joints in the Higgins' household and knees this morning.

So scores on the doors peeps,

Summit Time Chip Time
Simon R. 54 1.22.27

Dave B. 1.03.57 1.38.31

Steve B. 1.04.41 1.41.44

Chris H. 1.08.37 1.41.50

John M. 1.06.44 1.42.03

Fenella H 1.17.16 1.59.17

TDL have the full results.
Take care
Chris H.


  1. Cheers Chris - great performance by you too. Many congrats to John - a fantastic win. Did you all stay for the prizes - 8pm?!!

    On holiday for 2 weeks but hope to see everyone at Ponderosa.


  2. Also, we shouldn't forget Paul S - even if he was running for CRR !. Paul had a bit of a splat on the way up, resulting in a deepish cut on his knee; but it still didn't slow him down enough for me to catch him !!