Sunday, 20 May 2012

Steve's carrying the Olympic torch !

Just noticed this on the torch relay info:

Stephen Bellis

Stephen's nomination story
"Steve has worked with young people in and leaving the care system for many years. He currently works in Rhyl, one of Wales' most deprived areas, for Barnardo's Cyfle service, supporting young care-leavers 16-24 with issues such as substance misuse, learning disability, mental health, offending, accommodation, and one-to-one emotional support. Steve works with tremendous dedication and patience with some of the most vulnerable young people in society, young people who have been given, quite often, the most horrendous start in life. He makes a massive difference through his bright personality and patience in the face of often very trying circumstances. Quite often, the most important thing for many of these young people is knowing there is someone, even one person, who is always there for them, no mater what. Steve very often is this person. I am nominating Steve because I feel he deserves recognition, but also because I feel this is the ideal way for him to get this. Steve is a dedicated long-distance runner. He runs every day without fail, and competes in races most weekends. He recently completed the London Marathon this year, running for Barnardo's, and finished in a very competitive time. If Steve is successful through this nomination, it will serve not only as an important moment for him, but also as an inspiration to the young people we work with, seeing someone they know doing something in the public eye which promotes exercise and health living."

Carrying the Flame through
Carrying the Flame on

So if you're not doing anything that day, might be good to go & give him a cheer.


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