Sunday, 3 June 2012

Presentation Night and Final results for 2011-12

Posted by Rob

We had a splendid evening in the Running Hare last Tuesday, nearly 30 of us turned up for food, beer and the annual presentation of awards. A cheerful and pleasant evening.

The highlight of the evening was Steve Bellis, resplendent in his white tracksuit with his Olympic torch. It was a delight to see so many people, especially young people, reacting to the torch. It brings the Olympics a bit closer. I hope it inspires some of the youngsters to go on and achieve their potential. Thank you Steve, and congratulations for your efforts on behalf of Barnados. I am sure that as a Buckley Runner you managed to keep a decent pace without getting tired!

Rob spoke briefly to thank the staff of the Running Hare for the evening and to congratulate all the club members on a splendid season and thank them for their efforts throughout the season.

The final award for the evening was the Buckley Runners Members award. 
There were nominations for a wide range of members including: -
Jane Lindley for consistent enthusiasm and support for other runners (several nominations)
Dave Boothroyd for supporting new members and doing some big races
Les Coathup for keeping everything together
Simon Robert for his performance across all the disciplines
Jez Brown for outstanding efforts
Sue Ridings (and Ellie) for looking after John
The awarded went to Matt Rose. there were many nominations for Matt for his outstanding effort and performance throughout the year. The results below show just what he has achieved. Add to that a series of PBs, representing North Wales and Wales, and winning the Border League companionship. Congratulations to Matt.

The other exciting result was Margaret winning the Club Championship, by making sure she scored in every category. Well done Margaret.

The full list of results is below

Border League 2011-12 Men (10 to count)
Based on 30 points for 1st finisher
1 Matthew Rose,                       210 Points
2 Simon Roberts,                      201 Points
3 Jon Bradshaw,                       192 Points
4 Jez Brown,                             184 Points
5 Les Coathup,                          174 Points
6 Jeff Gifford,                        168 Points
7 Paul Stinton,                          163 Points
8 Steve Bellis,                           143 Points
9= Eric Campbell,                     122 Points
9= Dan Hollingworth,               122 Points

Border League 2011-12 Ladies (4 to count)
Based on 15 points for 1st finisher
1 Erika Robinson,                      105 Points
2 Margaret Ludden,                 95 Points
3 Jane Lindley                          64 Points
4 Tricia Jones,                         28 Points

Cross Country 2011 – 2012 (6 to count)
Based on 20 points for 1st finisher
1 Matt Rose                              100 Points
2 Jeff Gifford                        71 Points
3 Peter Roberts                       60 Points
4 Rob Mackey                           56 Points
5 Eric Campbell                        55 Points
6 Steve Bellis                           51 Points

Cross Country 2011 – 2012 Ladies (4 to count)
Based on 15 points for 1st finisher
1 E Robinson                              60 Points
2 F Higgins                                55 Points
3 M Ludden                               50 Points
4 S Ridings                                44 Points

Buckley Runners Club Championship 2011-12
1 overall and 1st Female        Margaret Ludden, 161 Points
2 overall and 1st Male            John Morris,           153 Points
3 overall and 2nd Male           Paul Donoghue        147 Points
4 overall and 3rd Male           Rob Mackey,           147 Points
6 overall and 2nd Female       Fenella Higgins,      141 Points
13 overall and 3rd Female     Dawn Urquhart,     103 Points

Buckley Runners Members award
Was awarded to Matt Rose for outstanding effort and performance throughout the year. 

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