Thursday, 5 July 2012

Deestriders off road

Great to see a good showing from Buckley Runners tonight at the Deestriders off road 2nd of the series. I didnt make the June race this year (holiday in North West Highlands) . However what an event tonight.
Though the air was dry , there were a couple of new hazards.
Due to circumstances outside of the organisers control - the gates were not open - hazards 1.
Hazard 2 - a foot deep mud bath (smelly with certain messages left there by the fresians) . On my warm up i'd noticed the red tape near the pylon a little nearer (well 10 yards) the blue bridge direction than usual. But after 2 laps of cricket pitch , more than usual, and a lap or 2 of the footy pitches it was through the mud bath for another lap of footy pitches - then mudbath again then to finish.
I think because of the gate problems a few follks missed a turn etc , im sure the girl who appeared in front of me came from nowhere on the last lap - & turned out she d done 2 footy pitch laps not 3. I checked with Vic of Deestriders - he'd ran 5.7 miles to his garmin - so my recording of 5.66 seemed ok.

As usual a great big thanks to DEEstriders for organising a great little race.

Here's my connect garmin record - as you can see from the pace the first mile was flat !
The image is the before and after cleaning the running shoes with hosepipe!
Contributed by Rob Davies

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