Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Halloween Hell Raiser, (Night of the Prize Snatchers)

Nant -witch (I know, I know) played host to a coven of  off road Buckleyites last weekend. Braving rain, wind and bacon sandwiches, the 'team' took on the roughest terrain in the South Cheshire Harriers race calender covering as they describe 'a gruelling nine miles cross country' course of mixed terrain.
At the first 'hurdle' several front runners were left unshod and searching for shoes in the depths the Cheshire Mud Flats. Not so the nimble footed Buckley Crew, Jez burning a trail to be followed by the rest, albeit  a little time after.
'Dairy Country' grass fields gave way to tarmac to be followed by recently ploughed ground that disrupted stride rhythm simultaneously setting fire to quad muscles just before popping a hill in the way to make sure the lactic definitely built up nicely.
So how did we do, blinking well I think would be the appropriate terminology, scores on the doors then,

Jez Bram Stoker Brown     59.45 first v40 and second overall
Paul Spooky Stinton           1.04.59  8th
Chris Horror Higgins          1.14.19  32nd
Pete  Resurrection Roberts   1.14.23  33rd first v70
Paul Devil Donoghue          1.15.42  41st
Dawn  Unearthly Urquhart 1.17.19 49th  second lady
John Monster Morris          1.19.21  59th  first v 65
Fenella Haunting Higgins  1.19.45.  61th  third lady

Not a bad day at the races and to put the icing on the cake Buckley were publicly thanked for their continuous unerring support of the race and performances overall.
Worth having a butchers at the photos.
All best Horror

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