Sunday, 4 November 2012

Abergele 5 Buckley 5

Another grand day at the races for Buckley.
The weather couldn't have been better, nice and crisp, too cold to stand around in but ideal for a spot of 'legging it' along the back lanes of Abergele.
As usual a large field for this well established and popular race with all the 'usual suspect' clubs being well represented. The organisation is pretty well up there and the course, although only five miles, manages to slip in some more than decent gradients.
It was great to see a couple of new Buckleyites if only from a distance and 'an Old Buckleyite' in James Huggins.
So how did we get on, pretty blinkin good really all round, each member giving of their best.  
Results of the 'main' race bearing in mind this was a Welsh Championship event as well.

Eric 28.48 and 2nd MV 45 (sure I saw him hanging on the back of an appliance! )
Simon R 28.51 and 2nd MV 40
David Gilbert (Hi David) 30.49
Sean H 31.21
Chris H 34.25  3rd MV 55
Dawn 35. 58    3rd FV 40
Margaret 36.56 2nd FV 50
Fenella 38.05
Lisa Gillins (Watcha Lisa) 40.00
Jack 42.47
Alison 44.47

As if all those performances wern't enough 'Little Buckley' didn't do to bad in the Championships either.
Silver medals wen't to
Margaret, Eric, Simon and Chris in their respective age groups.
We also did well in the Team events, Ladies came 3rd and the Men 2nd.
I've got all the trophies and intend being at the Running Hare on Tuesday so hopefully see you then.
Take Best Care

As a post script can I mention Emily Hooley, unattched runner, been to the club ages ago and I'm trying to lure her back!
Emily in her first year of running was Second Senior Female. Well done mate.


  1. Well done all of you. Wish I'd been there, no I don't but it would have been good to be up on The Clwydians.

  2. Where were you then Rob? Got me confused which doesn't take much these days!

  3. Working. A man has to make an honest quid occasionally.

  4. Well done yourself Chris! Hopefully see you at the pub on Tuesday.

  5. Ah yes. Pub night. I'll be there.

  6. What's with all these fell runners doing a road race when the Clwydian hill race was on ?? Not pot hunting by any chance ?!


  7. Yes a good performance all round and another great race from Abergele.
    Hope to see a few of you at Capenhurst.
    Lisa G