Thursday, 11 April 2013

BL at Shotton

A huge thank you to everybody who contributed to the race at Shotton last night, far too many to mention names. Please will you forward this or pass my thanks on to anyone not included in the mailing list who contributed
After the usual pre-race panic it went very well. The highlights were: -
  • A good turnout on the evening (292 I think) and some fast times
  • Good feedback from runners about the choice of venue and the course
  • Help from Deestriders in letting us use their course and venue
  • Excellent support from the referee
  • Excellent marshaling
  • Excellent first aid providing appropriate help in the minor incidents that required it, promptly and effectively
  • Lots of help setting up and clearing up afterwards
  • A full turnout by Buckley runners, 16 men and 4 ladies as well as marshaling and officiating
  • Excellent weather for running (not sure who to thank for that!)
Thank you all
Robert Mackey
Chairman, Buckley Runners

1 comment:

  1. 19 Jez Brown
    20 Simon Robert
    44 Jeff Gifford
    58 Dave Gilbert
    65 Eddie Davies
    69 Shaun
    72 Paul Stinton
    81 Mike Ludden
    97 Ian
    105 Les Coathup
    108 Dave Boothroyd
    115 Paul Donohue
    141 Mike Austin
    220 John Morris
    267 Jack Thomas
    280 Rob Mackey

    134 Margaret Ludden
    185 Dawn Urquart
    229 Lisa Gittins
    236 Jane Lindley