Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Buckley Runners Annual Awards

I am delighted to report a thoroughly enjoyable evening in The Running Hare last night for the Annual Presentation of Awards, attended by about thirty of us.
Thank you all for attending and making it such a good event. Thanks must go to the staff at the Running Hare who make us very welcome every time.
It was particular pleasing to see Paul Stinton there, released from his fatherly duties for a while. Congratulations to Paul and Sarah (and of course to Erin Lily)
A special mention to the recipient of the Annual Members Award. By an overwhelming majority the members nominated Rup Lindley for all the work he has done for the Borders League and the club in helping at all the races. A very well deserved acknowledgement of a big contribution to the club. Thank you  Rup.
Although Rup’s nominations made him a clear winner, there was a wide spread of other nominations including Dave Boothroyd for completing the Lakeland Ultra Run, Jane for support for club members especially the newer ones, Jane and Rup for their combined efforts, Margaret Ludden for her outstanding performances (N. Wales Champion at 10 miles!) and for John Morris for his running (targeting 70 races this year before his 70th birthday) and his work on the championship. 
Also a big thank you to John Morris for work on the club championship, and his masterpiece of timing. John had run a fell race at Penmaenmawr in the evening and arrived back with the results of the championship at the exact moment they were required. John distributed the races for next year’s championship. I will mail them and post them on the blog as soon as I can.
And congratulations to all the trophy winners and everyone who has contributed to the club during the year.
I have posted all the results below. If you look closely there are some slight changes to the men’s BL results. I was made aware of the a problem last night and have discovered two errors in the calculations for third race. As a result Chris Higgins moves up to 9th  My apologies for the error and misinformation.
Thanks everybody
See you at the races soon! And don’t for get to find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter (@buckleyrunners)
Posted by Rob
Robert Mackey
Chairman, Buckley Runners

Buckley Runners –2013 final results
Border League 2012-13 Men (10 to count)    
Based on 30 points for 1st finisher
1                   Jeff Gifford,                               187 Points
2                   Simon Roberts,                            178 Points
3                   Paul Stinton,                                 177 Points
4                   Eddie Davies,                                153 Points
5                   Les Coathup,                                 133 Points
6                   David Boothroyd,                         132 Points
7                   John Morris,                                126 Points (7 races)
8                   Shaun Hooson,                             126 Points (5 races)
9                   Chris Higgins                                123 Points
10                 Matt Rose                                     115 Points

Border League 2012-13 Ladies (4 to count)
Based on 15 points for 1st finisher
1                  Margaret Ludden,                    105 Points
2                  Dawn Urquhart,                       84 Points
3                  Jane Lindley,                            82 Points
4                  Fenella Higgins,                        78 Points

Cross Country 2012 – 2013 Men (6 to count)
Based on 20 points for 1st finisher
1              Eric Campbell          92 Points
2              Eddie Davies           86 Points
3              Jez Brown               77 Points
4              Chris Higgins           68 Points
5              Jeff Gifford          66 Points
6              Les Coathup            62 Points

Cross Country 2012 – 2013 Ladies (4 to count)
Based on 15 points for 1st finisher
1              Dawn Urquhart                75 Points
2              Sue Ridings                       61 Points
3              Margaret Ludden            54 Points (4 races, beat Fennella twice)
4              Fennella Higgins              54 Points (4 races, beat Margaret once)

Buckley Runners Club Championship 2012-13
1 overall         Margaret Ludden            176 Points            (1st Lady)
2 overall         John Morris,                    164 Points            (1st Male)
3 overall         Rob Mackey                     155 Points (2nd Male)
4th overall      Jez Brown                        148 Points (3rd Male)
6th overall      Fenella Higgins                132 Points (2nd Lady)
8th overall      Dawn Urquhart                117 Points            (3rd lady)

Buckley Runners Members Award

Was awarded to Rup Lindley for his contribution both to the club and the Borders League over many years. He was nominated by a large proportion of the club members.  

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