Tuesday, 9 July 2013

July Round-Up

Another brief round-up of recent off-road and mountain races. Again, apologies if I missed anybody. Big turn-outs at both off-road/multi-terrain events (and both were unusually hot, especially the Alwen race!).

Fairy Freckled Cow/Alwen trail race (11k)

5. Jez
6. Simon R
14. Jeff
19. Eddie
32. Paul D
36. Mike
48. Margaret (1st L50)
107. Jack
141. Rob (for the 2nd time that morning?!)

Deestriders Off-Road race 2

5. Jez
7. Simon R
13. Jeff
16. Eddie
20. Jon B
24. Shaun
32. Steve B
33. Michael Austin
49. Mike
50. Margaret
56. Gavin Reeves
60. John M
74. Rob

Moel Siabod (Simon E competed in very hot weather - results not in yet?)

Foel Fras (Jez 2nd, Simon R 6th)

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