Saturday, 26 April 2014

Last BL Race at Shotton

Once again we had a brilliant turn-out and some fine performances at Shotton on Wednesday; 17 men and 4 ladies. Obviously very disappointing that the race result had to be void. We will never know what would have happened. For info there is a set of results being prepared, based on the process of awarding 1 point to everyone who ran and penalty points to anyone who didn't (150 for ladies, 500 for men). That means the race will count as a race for those people who are counting up their BL races. But please see note at the bottom. 

But we got some brilliant results:
Hayley picked up 4th SL - but if there was an  improvers medal for ladies she would win it!
Jez and Simon picked up 2nd and 4th in MV40 (tough group that one with Lee Jones in it)
Dawn was 2nd in LV45
Dave Gilbert won the MV45 category, with Eddie in 3rd place, great to see newer members of the club getting the rewards for hard work
Lisa got 2nd in LV45 and
Jane got 3rd LV45 - good to see her back in the medals after a season of great effort
Ian  was 3rd MV45
Les was 2nd MV60
John was 2nd MV65 and 
Jack won the MV70 category
and the Vets were second€ overall.

I am trying to collate the results for the Buckley Runners competition within the Borders League. I have a copy of our results sheet from Race 7. They show the order that we finished. They appear to make sense, I think. I know that the majority of runners ran the two loops (instead of 1) running about 5.6 miles (almost exactly the same course as we used last year). A few runners ran three loops - they are easy to spot as those runners are 5-7 minutes and 100 places behind where they should be and I don't think any Buckley Runners were in this group. But a small number of runners ran a part loop before being turned back putting them a minute or two down on where they should be. Did an Buckley Runners do this? If you can let me know I can look at where you should have finished. If not I will collate results on the finish positions I have.

Thanks for your help on this.


Sent by Rob Mackey (Chairman)

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