Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Chester half marathon

Huge turnout at the Chester half marathon last Sunday, and some good performances. Jon Bradshaw led the way, 22nd in 1:20:10, followed by Shaun Hooson and Daniel Hollingworth - 49th and 51st in 1:24:10. Paul Stinton 104th in 1:28:50, James Huggins 123rd in 1:30:24, Shane Yates 171st in 1:32:47, James Pickering 189th in 1:33:56, Keith Jones 322nd in 1:37, Mike Jones 418th in 1:40:20, Chris Higgins 545th in 1:42:22, Rob Mackey 822nd in 1:49:19, Margaret Ludden 824th in 1:49:38 and Fenella Higgins 983rd in 1:52:28. All well within the top half of the field. Watching in comfort from Pulford, you all looked in good form. Apols if I've missed anyone.


  1. Cheers Simon, now know it was you!Nice to hear a 'come on Buckley', thought it was the angels calling me! Fenella did really well but not as well as coach was expecting i.e. winning!Told her must try harder on a Tuesday. Some blinkin quick club colleagues we've got eh?
    Take care
    Chris Higgins

  2. Some really good pictures in this weeks Chronicle. But they don't really show how wet it was. Well done everybody.

    Posted by Rob