Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Cilcain mountain race

Results not yet out for the Moel Famau (Cilcain show) race on Bank Holiday monday, but one fact can be stated with certainty: yet another excellent turnout from Buckley for this most local of local fell races. Results usually come through on the Show's website (if memory from previous years serves me right), although it's anyone's guess when this might be. Seemed a stronger field than last year, so first finisher Simon Edwards did well to sneak into the top 10 (or thereabouts!). Simon R was a couple of places back, closely followed by some very strong finishes from the likes of Dave Boothroyd, Steve Bellis, Paul Stinton, Shaun Hoosen, James Pickering, Rob M, the Higgins, Jack Thomas and no doubt several others (let me know if I missed anybody!) - Simon R.


  1. Results now on Cilcain Show web site

    Well done everyone

  2. Margaret Ludden was missing from the original list.
    And the results are interesting - and not entirely accurate. I did finish in 46.37. I am aware that the finishing order around 98th to 105 is all over the place. I have emailed the organisers to ask if they can sort it out.