Monday, 28 September 2009

Cross Country at Colwyn Bay - Sat 26th - Result

What a result! A huge thank you to everybody who ran and congratualtions on an excellent result. 6 ladies and 11 men is impressive with some impressive perfomances too. A great start to the season, if we can keep it up we could get promoted back to div 1.

And we had one of those excellent Buckley Runners moments - sitting on the grass in the park after the race drink tea in the sunshine. Good company, just relaxing, absolutley great.

Next race is Telford on 10th - at Lilleshall I think.

Ladies Race
12th Erika Robinson 18m28s
24th Dawn Urquhart 19m41s
45th Jane Lindley 21m12s
67th Margaret Ludden 22m47s
74th Sue Ridings 23m24s

Mens Race

34th Matthew Rose ?
72nd Daniel Hollingsworth 36m42s
76th Les Coathup 36m50s
83rd Dave Boothroyd 37m09s
93rd James Pickering 38m00s
103rd Paul Donoghue 38m37s
125th Pete Roberts 40m04s
133rd Chris Willman 40m40s
157th John Morris 42m29s
177th Rob Mackey 47m51s

Posted by Rob. Thanks to Dawn for the results.


  1. Team results
    Men (Div 2) 5th with 461 points
    Ladies (Div 1)7th with 140
    Vets 8th with 86 points

    a good result but the men have still got some work to do. But it can be done. Our score was 151 points behind the leaders, but we were missing many runners who were on other duties.

    The next race is at Oldbury Wells School in Bridgnorth. That is going to require some planning for transport! It is at least 1hr 30mins from Mold


  2. Good start to the season, thanks for the results Dawn, I will try and remember to wear my watch next time!

    Looking forward to Bridgnorth, just looked at the map and realised how far away it is, hope the course is good.