Monday, 2 November 2009

Clwydian hills

We were all expecting some real punishment on the proposed new course for this race, so it was a disappointment to hear that it had been shortened due to 'bad weather' (particularly for those who have reccied the new course). In the event, it was quite a fast outing along the bridleway from Cilcain, briefly down the Vale of Clwyd side, and then back over the ridge to another short, sharp climb above the reservoir. A good turnout from the club, with Jez Brown finishing 4th in 46.30, Simon Roberts 9th in 47.40, Paul Stinton (for CRR) 41st in 54.17, followed by the trio of Pete R, John M and Huw - finishing 46th, 47th and 48th in 55m (Pete and John 1st and 2nd M60). Then came Chris H 63rd in 58.51, Rob M 82nd in 67.18 and Sue R 83rd in 75.43 (1st in cat?). Simon R.

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  1. I too was disappointed that the route was shortened after all the preparation, but can understand why the decision was took, the weather up until 10.30 that morning was pretty poor. However the route chosen meant that in the main I could run most of it, albeit slowly at the back of the field ......... and there is always another year.