Monday, 9 November 2009

Conwy Half Marathon

Fantastic set of results for Buckley's men in the first year of this new event.

682 runners finished

Jez Brown 11th 1.17.43
John Pares 19th 1.21.09
Simon Roberts 24th 1.22.30
Matthew Rose 27th 1.23.18
Jonathon Bradshaw 36th 1.25.17
Paul Donaghue 65th 1.27.13
Paul Stinton 74th 1.30.29
Steve Bellis 106th 1.34.0
Jack Thomas 308th 1.47.53
Mark Pares 336th 1.51.38

Well done!!

posted by Sue


  1. Should have said "posted by John Pares" on the report below - rather than be anonymous

  2. I'd agree John - it is quite a tough route with the big climb around Marine Drive (as per Nick Beer 10k, which will bring back memories for many!) and the sandy bits. Great performance by Jez. Shame about the lack of team prize - we would have walked it. They will have to cap the numbers in future years, the start is just too narrow at present. Great day out though, and a much needed addition to the North Wales calendar. Simon R.