Sunday, 31 October 2010

Snowdonia Marathon

Two thousand odd runners visited Llanberis yesterday for the 28th Snowdonia Marathon. Much has changed over the years not just the size of the field and the race was a credit to the organisers and legion volunteers who marshaled and staffed the plethora of drinks stations along the route. Many of the volunteers being youngsters, doubtless cold but ever cheery, ''ah the youth of to day'', worth their weight in gold eh?

The route had changed slightly also taking in some 'off road' terrain from the top of Pen-y-Pass.
Unchanged, an ever constant race feature however was the weather. Swinging from lovely bright and warming sunshine, to torrential rain then hail, both driven along by strong winds that conspired always to be against the field.

Four Buckleyites partook in the event, this being a reduced quota through injury and illness. Paul D injured but on the mend and Dawn's tummy letting her down the night before.
Sean and Dave led the way home with Fenella putting in a remarkable first marathon performance in some of the worst of the weather.

Been for a jog this morning as we had no milk. Surprised myself in two ways. First, it was 5.45, yep forgot the clocks going back and second, started to think about doing it again next year!
Take care

Sean Hooson 3.36.36 26th in category
Dave Boothers Boothroyd 3.45.24 40th in category
Fenella 'wife' Higgins 4.52.27. 37th in category
Chris me Higgins 3.54. 28th in category.


  1. Well done all. Maybe see you on TV tonight?

  2. Congratulations to all of you. Splendid efforts all round. Chris, two questions - 1) were all the runners odd? and 2) why did you not ask Fen to go for milk at silly o'clock this morning.

    And full marks for the comment about the much maligned youth of today, they turn out and at so many events like these. Big thank you to them all.

  3. Hi Rob,
    Could not get the milk this morning, as I could not get out of bed, let alone run anywhere. Been "ouching" all day!
    Was going well and got half way in 2:05 then to 20 miles in 3:15 then it all started to go wrong, the my legs went just before Waunfawr and I have to shuffle all the way back in pain. Quite upset really, but finished.
    It was a really really long way!!

  4. Well done all, superb times. Conditions looked horrendous on TV, as did the 'old road' from PyP!


  5. Actually, I thought the 'old road' was fine, despite what the TV commentator said - believe me, Waunfawr was much worse !!