Monday, 1 November 2010

Halloween Hellraiser

Into the heart of Cheshire for this multi-terrain race, which takes in fields, bogs, housing estates, gravel tracks, a quarry and a graveyard during its supposedly 9 mile journey around the edge of Nantwich (although as we all ran the last mile at 'Kenyan pace' I think it might have been more like 8.5). Jez continued his remarkable record at the event - coming 2nd for the third consecutive year, but in an ultra fast time which would have demolished the course record in previous years. Paul D made a welcome return from injury, Huw and Paul S showed a return to form, and John and Simon R both won their categories. 196 finishers.
2. Jez, 53.50
6. Simon R, 57.49 (1st v40)
29. Huw, 1:04:44 (2nd v50)
40. Paul S, 1:07:58
57. Paul D, 1:11:02
62. John, 1:11:35 (1st v65)

1 comment:

  1. Was this a club champs race ??! We must have won the team prize with that turn out.

    Welcome back PD. Very sensible choosing this rather than the mara - although it doesn't sound that easy an option either !