Monday, 8 November 2010

Clwydian Hills

Perfect weather and an unusually strong field for this tough race this year, as it was a Welsh championship counter. Always a challenging outing (10m/3000ft), with a lot of arbitrary cruelty, and muddier this year than the last full race in 2008 (although at least the gully was snow-free).
10. Jez, 78.01
13. Simon E, 81.08
25. SimonR, 84.09
42. Huw, 89.54
84. John, 96.55
159. Rob, 129.38


  1. Superb run, with impressive results for Buckley Runners. It is always an entertaining way to spend the day, it is a bit tough; thoroughly enjoyable! I managed to get round (always a bonus), didn't feel too bad at the end (surprisingly), ran in a group most of the way round (last time I never saw anybody after the bottom of the gully), got cheered on by my son on the summit (that helps), got soup a roll at the end (missed out last time) and was 5 minutes quicker than last time.

  2. Oh yes, I nearly forgot. Can anybody explain the results to me. How come three disqualified runners are still in the results, and one of them ran most of the way round with Sue and I, so I don't think he missed a check point.

  3. I think at checkpoint 2 some of the runners were missed, Roy from Pensby was with us all the way yet disqualified. Some of the ladies were originally recorded as men, hence Maggie Oliver who also ran with Rob and I didn't get her prize.