Sunday, 14 November 2010

BL at Capenhurst Sunday 14th Nov

A good day at the races! Excellent turn-out from both the men and the ladies. Thank you all. It was a big turn-out, 311 we think, second highest in BL history. A few people were surprise at their high places. No wonder with that many runners, in a fast, competitive race. Times will be good. Ann says that even though she was at the back, it was her fastest run for ages. I can’t remember when I last ran better than 8 minutes a mile. Well done everybody

And some superb positions too. Matt had a flying finish to get 5th place, with Jez in 10th, Simon in 20th and Eric in 28th. Six ladies, so even with Jane still injured we had a good result, Erika an excellent 55th (second lady I think).

It was good to see Paul D back, and welcome to Jeff on his first run for us – he was our last counter in 111th place. How good is that?

These are provisional positions, I took them off the score sheets, so there might be some slight changes particularly in the lower end of the results.

5th Matt Rose

10th Jez Brown

20th Simon Roberts

28th Eric Campbell

48th Les Coathup

78th Dan Hollingsworth

83rd James Huggins

96th Dave Boothroyd

109th Steve Bellis

111th Jeff Giffords

151st Mike Jones

158th Paul Donoghue

191st John Morris

211th Marcus Reid

245th Leighton Williams

257th Rob Mackey


55th Erika Robinson

216th Dawn Urquhart

229th Fen Higgins

236th Margaret Ludden

282nd Sue Ridings

311th Ann Ablett

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  1. Results now posted on Border League web site, thanks Rupert

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  3. Hi All,
    I have just been studying Rupert's website. There were 76 more runners today than there were at Caernarfon and 39 of them were women.
    I vote for more races in Caernarfon !!