Sunday, 10 April 2011

Chester Spring 5 (ish)

A lovely spring evening saw a field of nearly 400 run the annual Chester Spring 5. This excellent race is one of the first evening races after the clocks go forward. On a dull evening we can end up running in the gathering gloom, especially us "value for money" runners. But this year was great. Even I got in before I needed a torch. Eight Buckley Runners turned out, probably fewer than recently, but a very enjoyable night nevertheless. Mike Jones 51st in 31.25 Steve Bellis 52nd in the same time Paul Stonton 94th in 33.38 Paul Donohue 132nd in 35.25 Margaret Ludden 194th in38.18 Jack Thomas 276th in 42.16 Sue Ridings 286 in 42.51 Rob Mackey 300th in 43.34 But there are rumblings of disquiet! Something is not quite right. And the something is the last mile. The group I was running in was steady at 8 mins 30 a mile throughout the race then explicably recorded 9.30 from Mile 4 to the finish. Various other runners thought they were doing well, then found that the PB wasn't there. The posh people with their GPS provided the answer. The average on GPS seems to be 5.12 miles! Mapometer makes it 5.1. Oops. Posted by Rob (Sunday evening)


  1. Paul Stinton ran as well as the well-known typing error. Rob

  2. Perfect running conditions, even if I was 'disappointed' with the overall time - the extra 0.1 could explain it.