Monday, 4 April 2011

Lanbedr to Blaenafon Fell Race

16 miles and over 4,000 ft climbing, the pictures by Al Tye are fantastic. Well done to the following: Simon R 2.37 John M 2.56 (1st SSVM) Chris H 3.01 and it looks like Fen and Paul D ran together finishing in 3.35


  1. Tremendous performance by John (1st SSVM!). A great event and a great day. If you were wondering why I was a bit quiet after the race, why my face was green and why I left before the prize giving the truth is the race was a bit too hard/far for me and I was feeling pretty rough!! Took me a couple of hours before I could eat, by which time Pontypool's only restaurant was full to overflowing - ended up eating Tescos sandwiches and drinking Hobgoblin in the Travelodge with the kids. Now that's what I call a mini-break.

  2. Hope you've recovered Si,was a long un, I even dumped me jelly babies a few feet from the top of Blorenge.I've seen it's he only word (name) that rhymes with orange?
    What a run from Mr. Morris. We;Fenella,Paul,John and self traveled down the night before staying in Crickhowell.Brilliant B and B. Race night saw a move in Crickhowell to an 'interesting' burlesque venue. Great food though and much toasting J.M.'s run. A 'super super vet' fuelled by Speckled Hen sets an enviable aspiration for any budding fell legger.
    A brilliant weekend, Buckley Blue yet again painting those hills.
    Have to confess we've agreed to putting up my cousin Alex Whitten from Calder for the Snowdon. Might be something weird in his porridge, who knows!
    Kindest to all