Saturday, 31 March 2012


I had a splendid day today. I went up Moel Famau to watch the Excalibur Marathon, the toughest marathon in UK. It lived up to its claim!

It was fascinating to watch, so many people putting in superb efforts and enjoying them selves as well. Buckley were well represented; Jez and Simon, Huw, Dawn, Chris and Fenn, Ann and Sue all completing the gruelling 26.7 miles and 4,600 feet of climbing. That is amazing. Congratulations to you all on a brilliant effort.

It was an excellent day for it, cool, very little breeze and dry underfoot. The event seemed to be really well organised and everything appeared to go really smoothly.

It was quite confusing to watch though. There was a staggered start, I understand runners and walkers set off in groups at 15 minute intervals with no grading. So it was impossible to tell who was ahead of, or behind, who. But that just added to the enjoyment. The important thing was that everybody finished and that they were pleased with what they acheived. They deserve to be.

Posted by Rob


  1. The race registration was very well organised, course marked, but you did need navigational skills if not familier with the route (as Ann and I found out several times on training runs).

    A lot of discarded water bottles on the route, perhaps a marshall to collect dropped bottles in the vicinity next time. The self adhesive numbers not particuarly effective and also littered the course.

    Ann and I have trained for two months together for this event, it has been good to have something to focus on and we have got to know the hills very well.

    An excellent day out, with some training and the ability to pace the course this race is easily achievable by any Buckley Runner. Many thanks to everyone who came along to support, very much appreciated.

  2. Like Sue and other Buckleyites Fenella and I really enjoyed the event. Have to agree about the litter though, bit much that, and I know people (competitors) have been back with bin bags to clear up as much as they can. I've dropped Darren an e mail with a couple of suggestions relating to age catergories and the potential for more fund raising via 'official' photo purchaces. So, good basis for the cross country league! We had a bit of r and r in the Lakes the days after where coincidently Boothers Boothroyd was 'practicing' for some ridiculously long race.Last but not least, brilliant to hear your name when the going is tough, thought the voices were celestial for a minute but no, just colleague Buckleyites being supportive!!