Thursday, 12 April 2012

Chester Spring 5 (April 4th)

If the name conjours up images of warm sunny evenings and little fluffy lambs playing around in fields then you obviously were not at this event. It must have been the coldest event I have run in for a long time. But as usual this event, early in the season attracted a big (372) and competitiive field.
Eight Buckley Runners braved the near freezing conditions on a dull, breezy evening to run five miles through the Countryside. The route is slightly changed from previous years to meet road safety requirements. It was rumoured to be slightly faster with the start moved to a straight road and the grass section at the finish shortened. It certainly is an excellent fast route, slightly downhill for the first half and slightly uphill from 2.5 to 4.5 miles. It is well organised and well marshalled, they even have stop/go boards to control the traffic.
The results:
Paul Stinton 47th in 30.20
Shaun Hooson 89th in 31.46
Mike Jones 99th in32.00
Margaret Ludden 232nd in 37.21
Mike Ludden 243rd in 37.42
Leighton Williams 245th in 37.48
Dave Wooton 254th in 38.19
Rob Mackey 298th in 41.26
I have never seen a finish area empty so quickly. It was not the evening for standing around chatting for long. But a good event nevertheless.

Posted by Rob (ps - pleased with my time - 2 minutes quicker than last year. That can't be down to changes to the route, just wanted to get in out of the cold)

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