Thursday, 14 November 2013

Borders League and WA Registration

The Borders League is back. First race is at Tattenhall on Sunday 17th. Start is at 11.00.

The first race is always a good one, lots of excitement at the prospect of a new season, a chance to meet up with friends from the other clubs. And Tattenhall is an excellent venue and an excellent course.

We need a good turnout from both the men and the ladies to get our season off to a good start. Hope to see you there on Sunday.

Thanks to everybody who has now paid up their BR and WA (or other region) subs, there are very few who haven't now. Just a reminder that you must be paid up to run in either Borders League or Cross Country, or to enter a race as a "Buckley Runner"

Unfortunately this week we have again been notified by Welsh Athletics that people have entered Conwy Half as Buckley Runners who are not paid up or registered with WA. One was a lapsed member who has not paid for a couple of years. The other appears never to have been a member. WA have been informed that they are not members and they will not be allowed to run as such.

I find it extremely annoying that people are abusing the system and the club, just to save a couple of quid or to wrongly enter a championship event. It is not fair on all the genuine members and runners who join up properly (it is not exactly expensive!) or who pay the surcharge and do not enter the championship. And I fail to see why Paul Brooks and myself and Jack should have to spend out time dealing with is. PLease can spread the word thta this form of cheating will not be tolerated.

Many thanks

Sent by Rob Mackey (Chairman)
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