Saturday, 28 June 2014

Buckley Runners Handicap - 8th July

This was a regular event at the club but for various reasons it stopped. As the sports centre is closed on the second Tuesday of July for Buckley Jubilee it was agreed it was an excellent opportunity to resurrect this event. 

We will meet at 7.00 in the first car park on Moel Famau. The start of the route is in the forest a few hundred metres from the car park. The route is approx 4.4 miles (7 km) (follow the link below to see the details) on forest trails with 650 feet (200 m) of climbing. The surface is hard gravel. Afterwards we will retire to the Colomendy Arms in Cadole. 

There is a start list based on times for races recently. The slowest runners set off first, with the faster runners at intervals afterwards. It will be a good test and good training. And even a bit of fun too.

And don't forget pub night on Tuesday


Sent by Rob Mackey (Chairman)

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  1. That was good, we should do it more often, once a month would be good!