Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Chester Spring 5

Much delayed results from last Wednesday's Chester Spring 5, and a very impressive turnout from Buckley in this competitive race (not sure about category results - sorry!). Jon Bradshaw led the way, coming 16th in 28.36, with Simon Roberts 30th in 29:28, Dave Boothroyd 43rd in 30.20 and Paul Donoghue 78th in 31.48. James Huggins 87th in 32.28, Paul Stinton 104th in 33.11, Pete Roberts 129th in 34.06, Dawn Urquhart 143rd in 34.40, John Morris 160th in 35.14, Jack Thomas 198th in 36.44, Samantha Roberts 206th in 37.12, Rob Mackey 246th in 39.10 and Susanne Brierley 278th in 41.18. 347 finishers.

1 comment:

  1. It was good to see so many Buckley Runners out there. Well done everybody.

    Posted by Rob