Monday, 27 April 2009

London Marathon

Six runners made the pilgrimage to London for the marathon this year in sunny, warm conditions. Initial results as follows (presume position is by gender). Simon Roberts 3:13:36 for 1,899th. Erika Schmid 3:20:40 for 275th, Steve Bellis 3:39:59 for 4,999th. Paul Donoghue 3:43:27 for 5,513th, Rob Davies 4:29:05 (13,84th), and John Robinson 4:53:46 (18,023rd). A great debut at the distance for Paul. While I blew up badly and proved you can't (or I can't, anyway!) train for a marathon by doing long fell races. Would be interested to hear how everyone else got on - simon r

1 comment:

  1. I enjoyed watching it! I'm always impressed so well done everybody. And 3.13 is not bad, Simon. Its the temprature, not the hills that gets you in London. Rob