Monday, 12 October 2009

North Wales x Country League Race 2 - Bridgnorth - Saturday 10th October

The second round of the cross-country league was in Bridgnorth. Despite the long journey (over hour and half from Buckley) we had a strong team out with 7 ladies and 11 men; the best turnout for ages. It was really good to see everybody there. Thanks for making the effort.
The venue was a revival, the league was held there many years ago. The course was a combination of flat, short grass and rough hilly field. A good course on a lovely sunny afternoon.
Reports seemed mixed, some people had good runs and some were not happy. Looking forward to seeing the team results. Well done everybody
Hope Les’ ankle is mending.
Pictures are on FaceBook!

Erika Robinson finished 10th in 20m23s
Dawn Urquhart 23rd in 22m34s,
Jane Lindley 38th in 23m47s,
Fenella Higgins 44th in 24m36s,
Margaret Ludden 45th in 24m45s,
Hazel Dirksen 60th in 27m
Sue Ridings 65th in 27m31s.

John Bradshaw led the way finishing 31st in 35m42s
Daniel Hollingsworth 75th in 38m56s,
Paul Stinton 77th in 39m05s,
Les Coathup 80th in 39m10s,
Huw Lewis 86th in 39m52s,
Paul Donoghue 92nd in 40m40s,
Pete Roberts 95th in 40m52s,
Chris Willman 102nd in 41m30s,
Mike Jones 129th in 44m06s,
Chris Higgins 130th in 44m07s
Rob Mackey 151st in 52m20s.

Posted by Rob. Thanks for doing the results Dawn.

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  1. Team results (courtesy of Daily Post)
    Ladies were 5th on the day with 119 points and have moved to 5th overall.
    Men were 4th on the day with 441 points (461 last time) and have moved up to 4th overall.
    Masters were 9th on the day with 111 points, moving to 10th overall.
    A good solid improvment all round. We are moving in the right direction! Well done everybody.