Sunday, 25 October 2009

Snowdonia Marathon

Wasn't there myself so only putting this together from info on the websites (disclaimer in case I get anything wrong !!) so hopefully one of the guys can add their comments.

Looks like the marathon had some interesting weather again i.e. strong winds and rain ( see )

Results can be found on

John Pares was first in at 3:01
then Shaun with 3:27
and Paul D with 3:53

Well done to all three - sorry if I've missed anyone



  1. Well done, excellent running, just watched the TV coverage, good pictures of both Paul (smiling as usual) and Shaun.

  2. Well done ell trio fantastic times chaps. Boothers you missed someone fraid to say I did it in 1996.The year not 19hours 9 minutes and 6 seconds, on a diet of guiness and chocolate brownies!!
    Chris Higgins