Sunday, 9 May 2010

Annual Presentation of Awards

The club’s annual presentation was held in at Loggerheads On Sunday 9th May. Nearly 20 of us went for a run first down the Leete and alonmg the edge of Moel Famau. It must be the biggest club run we have had for years, it was a good sight. The dog-walkers in the country park must have been amazed. At 11 o’clock we descended on Caffi Florence for tea, coffee, soup and cakes and chat before the presentation of awards.

Chairman Rob Mackey welcomed everybody and presented the awards for the Borders League and Cross Country series. There are awards for the top four ladies in each discipline, and six and ten for the men in Cross Country and Borders League. The numbers reflect the number of “counters” in each league. The points system is biased towards people who turn up for all the races, the points awarded to the first finisher being approximately twice the number of runners, so even the last finisher scores about half points. Results are below. Erika was first finisher for the ladies in every race for both CC and BL. Jez Brown was first finisher for the men in all 6 BL races.

John Morris presented the prizes for the club championship. Fifteen club members who scored over 100 points were awards prizes receiving a variety of gifts. The top three ladies and men were given a club award too. Results are below. Rob thanked John for his work organising the championship.

Every year at the presentation members select the recipient of the “Members Award”. Nominations were received for Jane, Sue and Paul for their work behind the scenes keeping the club going. Rob added his thanks to them for their effort, emphasising the vital role, and often thankless tasks they do. Les, John and Jack were nominated for their support for other runners and the help they give all year round. Chris Willman was nominated for efforts. He has competed well and made huge improvements to his times throughout the year. We wish him well running the Edinburgh Marathon for charity later this month.

The clear winner of the award was Erika Robinson. She has had a fantastic year; North Wales Road Runner of the Year, selection for both North Wales and Wales, 1st senior lady in Border League, a medal at cross country (only just!), a PB at almost every distance and finally as superb PB and 87th lady overall in London Marathon. The club is proud present her with the members award to acknowledge her efforts. Well done Erika.

Rob finished by thanking Hazel for organ sing the event and wishing everybody a good summer, and looking forward to the next year of competitions. Thanks also to the staff at Caffi Florence and to Dragon Trophies for the awards.

Men’s Border League

1st Jez Brown, 240 points

2nd Daniel Hollingworth, 213 points

3rd David Boothroyd, 205 points

4th Simon Roberts, 191 points

5th Shaun Hooson, 180 points

6th Paul Donoghue, 177 points

7th John Morris, 159 points

8th Steve Bellis, 158 points

9th Chris Wilman, 156 points

10th Matthew Rose, 153 points

Ladies Border League

1st Erika Robinson, 120 points

2nd Margaret Ludden, 99 points

3rd Dawn Urquhart, 94 points

4th Jane Lindley 92 points

Men’s Cross Country

1st Dan Hollingsworth 77 points

2nd Huw Lewis 53 points

3rd Paul Donoghue 45 points

4th Peter Roberts 44 points

5th John Morris 42 points

6th Chris Willman 40 points

Ladies Cross Country

1st Erika Robinson 60 points

2nd Dawn Urquhart 56 points

3rd Margaret Ludden 48 points

4th Sue Ridings 43 points

Club Championship (Men)

1st John Morris 162 points

2nd Huw Lewis 154 points

3rd Rob Mackey 153 points

Club Championship (Ladies)

1st Fenella Higgins 162 points

2nd Dawn Urquhart 140 points

3rd Sue Ridings 122 points

Members Award

Erika Robinson for outstanding performance throughout the year.

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  1. A big thanks also to Rob for co-ordinating the event and presenting all the trophies. Thanks also to John for organising the Championship and the interesting prizes! Fen's face was a picture!