Sunday, 2 May 2010

Wrexham 10 (better late than never)

The Wrexham 10 miler was run on Saturday 24th April in unusual heat. Everybody agreed that it made a difficult race and the industrial estate offers little relief.

Three Buckley Runners competed. Jez Brown finished in 60.07, an excellent time and a good position too, 9th overall and 2nd MV35 in the North Wales Championship. Shaun Hooson was 15th overall, 2nd MV40 in the champs in 63.01. Bringing up the rear and struggling in the heat was Rob Mackey; 76th overall in 97.04, but rewarded with 3rd in MV60 in Championship! So nobody went home empty handed.

But I have a question. It is a two lap race. The last two miles of each lap is up hill. The rest is flat. Why is there no downhill?

Posted by Rob

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  1. Rob, I think it's the same principle as the never-ending staircase