Monday, 31 May 2010

Chester Marathon

As the saying goes, never again (well, until the next time at the Snowdonia Marathon in October !)

Paul D said to me at the Presentation do "Whatever you do, don't go off too fast" to which my reply was "How do you know what's too fast ?" ... well now I know !! Anyway, as Les would say "At least it's in the bag".

So enough waffle ... the scores on the doors were:

Simon Roberts first home in 3:01:02
then Shaun in 3:14:14
followed by Dave in 3:24:52
and Rob in 4:17:26 ( a new PB I think ?? )

Thanks to all the supporters on the day .. Rob M, Dan, Chris & Fen, Jack (sorry if I missed anyone)



  1. Brilliant stuff! Well done to all of you. I was so glad I was watching not taking part. But I really enjoyed watching and cheering.
    Yes, Rob D got another PB. And Paul D was there cheering too.

    Well done, I know you will all recover soon and start planning the next one. We do that because we are runners!


  2. Well done Dave, Shaun and Rob. Dave - it took me five attempts to break 3:30, great debut! I was on for a pb until hitting the wall in cliched fashion at 20m. Great support (Erika was at half way too) - thanks to everyone, it really helped. Simon R