Saturday, 19 June 2010

Trail Race up the Beast

A fantastic evening race that drew runners from a variety of clubs in numbers.
Buckley was again well represented not least as the race is organised and marshaled by colleague Buckleyites, John Morris, Dawn Urquart, Huw Lewis, Pete Roberts to name a few.
The evening was made all the sweeter by some brilliant Buckley performances:

1st Jez Brown 36:56
5th Simon Roberts 39:06
6th Simon Edwards 39:07
25th James Pickering 49:59
38th Fenella Higgins 54:19
41st Rob Mackay 56:50
43rd Sue Riding 56:58

For me, that's twice on the trot now, vanquished by Mrs. H. Third time lucky??
Thanks John, great night


  1. Great night and good atmosphere, I didn't get lost not did I come last. Thanks John and helpers

  2. I'd echo that - many thanks to John and team. Great new route. Simon R

  3. I enjoyed the night.It is a great event.Thanks John and everybody. And my so Peterenjoyed the run too,especially the hills. 27th in 50.07.Not bad for a rugby player!

    And for info, John. I'm still smiling. Great to see Paul and Sean there too.

  4. I thought the headline was for Les to be there!