Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Green grass of home fell race and fun run

After the first 23 runners finished this one, a huge gap ensued. It took a very long time for the penny to drop - we were the ones who'd gone wrong... So there ended up being a set of results for the short (AKA: cheats!) course and the long (real) course. In our defence, I'd say you inevitably play 'follow the runner in front' when you're tired at the end of the race (although of course it wasn't the end of the race!)
Anyway, Huw came 3rd in the proper race in 51m, with Pete 12th in 52m, Dave 17th in 53m, John 25th in 55m and Sue 41st in 71m.
In the fun run, Jez was involved in an unprecedented dead heat. Martin's funds don't yet run to photo finishes, and he was declared joint winner. Simon R was 8th.

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  1. The 'advantage' of running slowly at the back is that you have time to study the markers and not go dashing off the wrong way!