Monday, 13 September 2010

Cardiff 10k

Four Buckley Runners represented North Wales at the Welsh 10k championships in Cardiff yesterday. The highlight was Erika taking an excellent bronze medal in the women's race. Jez and Simon R both broke 35 mins for the first time. Dave M also recorded a superb pb (I think it was a pb!), while Jane ran through injury to finish for the team.
45. Simon R, 34.45
49. Jez, 34.57
92. Erika, 37.43


  1. Wow, that's frighteningly quick, and David at 31:47 (what is Clive's best again ? and Les' ?). Must be close to a Buckley record, if we can still claim him.

    Makes it worth the long trip !


  2. They are really amazing times, well done everyone. Definitely worth travelling down for.